Hamptons Authorities Release Ravenel Mugshot

Former S.C. Treasurer says he will fight charges.

Thomas Ravenel has been arrested and charged with DUI.
Thomas Ravenel has been arrested and charged with DUI.
New York authorities have released the mugshot of former South Carolina state treasurer Thomas Ravenel.

The former state official and multimillionaire land developer was arrested early Monday morning on DUI charges in East Hampton, New York. Read more.

Police say the prominent Charlestonian failed several field sobriety tests after being stopped on suspicion of DUI. He declined a breathe test once in police custody. He was driving on the shoulder of the Montauk Highway around 2:30 a.m. Monday, according to police.

Ravenel in a statement said he had been drinking but that he was not drunk when pulled over by police. He was in New York for a polo match. 

"I emphatically reject the allegations of intoxication and erratic driving," Ravenel told the political site FITS News. "As I told the arresting officer — who I respect for doing his job — I had a beer at the club and a glass of wine prior to that at dinner.  I was not drunk, and I look forward to making my case in court."

Read Ravenel's full statement on FitsNews.com.

Ravenel resigned as treasurer in 2007 after the Republican was indicted on cocaine charges. He pleaded guilty and served 10 months in prison. He has most recently made headlines after joining the cast of a Bravo reality show based on the lives of several Charleston residents.


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