S.C. Senate 41 Primary Race Headed for Runoff

None of the three candidates in Tuesday's Republican Primary for S.C. Senate District 41 tallied more than 50 percent of the votes, so the top two candidates will face off again Oct. 2

It's hard to get a clear majority in a three-way race, and none of the candidates in Tuesday's Republican primary for S.C. Senate District 41 managed to do it.

Sen. Walter Hundley and Paul Thurmond will face-off again Oct. 2 for a run-off election.

Thurmond came away from the night with a plurality of votes at more than 41 percent of the vote (1,376 in Charleston County and 168 in Dorchester County). Hundley came in second with more than 39 percent (1,309 in Charleston County and 37 in Dorchester County). Wally Burbage pulled in nearly 20 percent of the vote(663 votes in Charleston County and 60 in Dorchester County).

The distance between Thurmond and Hundley was less than 70 votes in Charleston County precincts, though the gulf between them was wider in the eight Dorchester County precincts that were added to the district following the most recent redrawing of the district lines.

Burbage actually finished ahead of Hundley in the Dorchester County precincts, but with much a larger portion of the district's voters living in Charleston County, Hundley's lead there kept him in contention for the run-off.

Of the 67,774 active voters within the Charleston County portion of the Senate District, only 3,365 (4.97 percent) cast ballots Tuesday, and 17 people who took time to go to the polls did not choose a candidate on their ballot, resulting in 17 under votes in Charleston County.

Additionally 13 ballots were challenged at polling locations Tuesday. A hearing on those challenges will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday at the Charleston County Board of Elections and Voter Registration office at 4367 Headquarters Road, North Charleston. The results of the election will be certified then as well.


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